Friday, March 23, 2007

Bangladesh starts fight against bird flu

Bird flu: EU team visits Rivers communities

Migratory birds are not to blame for bird flu

India sounds bird flu alert in border states

'Vaccine inequity may threaten world peace'

Commentary: Strict measures keep avian influenza away from RP

WHO trains CDA staff in combating bird flu

More cases of bird flu in Pakistani capital

More than a virus buster

Kuwait Suffers Three More Cases of Bird Flu

29-yr-old woman tests negative for bird flu

Bird flu pandemic estimated to kill 47000

Bangladesh confirms bird flu on poultry farm

Lawmakers OK $870M for Bird Flu Vaccine

Bangladesh culls 30000 chickens over bird flu fears

Singapore to monitor use of bird flu drug

Bird flu found in Islamabad crows

Bird flu would give states’ economies a headache