Monday, July 2, 2007

FDA approves Roche's low dose Tamiflu for children

Another province shakes bird flu, nine to go

Indonesia, HI Partner Against Bird Flu

Davao City remains bird-flu free

Production technologies change flu vaccine landscape

Bird Flu Fear Mongers Get Plucked

Prevention and control of zoonoses

Scientists describe how 1918 influenza virus sample was exhumed in Alaska

Dead Ducks Stump Experts

Ipsos Survey On Avian Flu

Flu deaths 'could be prevented'

W.Bank body, NGO to fight bird flu in Bangladesh

Don't Count On A Bird Flu Vaccine, Count On A Nanomask

Bird flu cases in southern Germany show highly pathogenic H5N1 variant

H5N1 virus remains entrenched in several countries

Countries Making Progress In Response To Avian Influenza - Situation Remains Serious In Egypt, Indonesia And Nigeria

Potentially Lethal H5N1 Bird Flu Resurfaces in Europe

WHO confirms Vietnam's two latest human bird flu cases

Progress noted in campaign versus avian flu

Progress noted in campaign versus avian flu