Thursday, April 26, 2007

The primordial reservoir in the infectious contagion cicle. The avian influenza model

Risk Maps for the Spread of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Poultry

Enhanced protective efficacy of H5 subtype avian influenza DNA vaccine with codon optimized HA gene in a pCAGGS plasmid vector

Probing the receptor interactions of an H5 avian influenza virus using a baculovirus expression system and functionalised poly(acrylic acid) ligands.

Performance of six influenza rapid tests in detecting human influenza in clinical specimens

Prophylactic effects of chitin microparticles on highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus

Molecular and phylogenetic analysis of human influenza virus among Iranian patients in Shiraz, Iran.

Malaysia Warns of Smuggled Chicken From Bird Flu-Affected Countries

Indonesia delays sharing bird flu samples

Respirators Recommended by Health Organizations Inadequate to Protect Users from H5N1

Eradicating avian influenza within Asean region

High Stakes Gambling In Florida

Tamiflu Turnaround

Roche cuts Tamiflu production as demand cools

Clinical aspects of human infection with avian influenza

WHO: Global H5N1 vaccine stockpile may be feasible

Biosecurity Director Calls on Texas Legislature to Fill Request for Antiviral Stockpiling

China, World Bank kick off first bird/human flu prevention project

Final Epidemiology Report Into Avian Influenza Outbreak In Suffolk Published, UK

Birds tagged for flu tracking

Government sets long-term plan to tackle bird flu

Global bird-flu vaccine stockpile a stage nearer

When it comes to bird flu - will Indonesia play the game?

Panel needs B9bn for plan to fight bird flu

Police pluck bird flu research base to find DVD pirates

China says needs more funds, aid in bird flu fight