Sunday, March 23, 2008

China intensifies efforts to prevent further bird flu outbreaks

Turkey quarantines village after bird flu confirmed

Tests bring positive results for Iomai's bird flu vaccine

India's West Bengal begins culling in second area hit by bird flu

India expands culling zone to contain bird flu

Booster patch helps bird flu vaccine: study

Bird Flu awareness camp in Islamabad

Indian state begins fresh bird flu cull

Indonesia Accuses US of "Abusing" Bird Flu Virus

FAO says Indonesia needs help fighting bird flu

Turkey, Laos report more H5N1 in poultryTurkey, Laos report more H5N1 in poultry

India culls chickens to stop bird flu spreading

Nigeria: Commissioner Challenges Officials On Avian Flu

Ont hospital says no reason for media speculation about potential bird flu cases

China lifts bird flu quarantine in southwest

Medicago's H5N1 VLP Vaccine Provides Protection Against Multiple Strains of Avian Flu

Bird flu: West Bengal allots more funds

Vietnam plans human trials of bird-flu vaccine

WHO designates Pune based NIV as H5 reference lab for South East Asia

Avian, human flu coinfection reported in Indonesian teen

Vietnamese boy dies of avian flu