Tuesday, June 17, 2008

H7N2 and H7N3 Bird Flu May Infect Humans

Canada Keeps an Eye on Avian Flu

Antiviral Drugs in Wildlife Patients

Bird flu cleaner free of killer virus

Avian Influenza epidemiology report published

Cambodia, FAO vigilant over re-occurrence of bird flu

CDC funds tests to sort seasonal, avian flu

Geelong scientists help create new bird flu vaccine

New Schulich study emphasizes need for corporate pandemic planning

Home-grown bird flu vaccine ready to go

China confirms bird flu outbreak in Guangdong Province

Vaccine to cover future bird flu pandemic

Australian government approves bird flu vaccine

Bird flu situation around the world improving: UN coordinator

More Arkansas Poultry Flocks Checked For Bird Flu

Indonesia assures it will report bird flu cases

Indonesia's new bird flu policy angers families

New Bird Flu Vaccine Shows Promise

Bird Flu Virus Kills Chickens In Indonesian Province

Some A.I. strains could infect humans: study

Regulators testing backyard flocks for mild bird flu virus

Hong Kong's poultry being slaughtered as dangerous bird flu virus detected

South Asian nations for early warning system on bird flu

Confirmed H7N7 Avian Influenza In Oxfordshire Poultry Farm, UK

West Fork Farm Quarantined Due To Avian Influenza Threat

West Fork Farm Quarantined Due To Avian Influenza Threat