Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No avian influenza case in Kerala, West Bengal: Centre

Brunei Promotes Cooperation At 60th World Health Assembly

U.S. Preparedness to Respond to Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Strengthened by CDC/CSTE Partnership

Swiss authorities recommend flu

ndonesia sends H5N1 samples to WHO

Canadian Red Cross Secretary General appointed Special Envoy on Avian and Human Influenza

Pandemic influenza preparedness

Have You Had A Bird Flu Symptom?

Africa: New Avian Flu Project to Support Africa's Poor Farmers

CDC, CSTE release online H5N1 readiness course

Bird Flu: Dawson County Business Planning Workshop Today

Vietnam may reprocess bird flu medicine Tamiflu

Swiss told to stock up on bird flu masks

New bird flu project focuses on world's poor farmers

USAID Donates Equipment Against Bird Flu

Bird flu ruled out in chicken deaths in eastern India

Call to join hands in bird flu battle

Japan Investigates More Flu Drugs

Asia to test injectable drug for bird, human flu