Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bird flu deal for Bernard Matthews criticised

Bernard Matthews to receive ?600k bird flu compensation

Tories criticise bird flu payments to Bernard Matthews

Indonesia to share bird flu samples

Bird flu firm gets compensation

Pay-out to turkey firm hit by bird flu slammed

Carrington Subsidiary DelSite Biotechnologies Secures Antigen for Phase I Clinical Trial of Nasal Powder Influenza Vaccine

Search for Highly Effective Bird Flu Vaccine Goes On

Daiichi Sankyo Announces Completion of Phase I Trial on the Anti-influenza Drug CS-8958

UK: Cause of first H5N1 outbreak still uncertain

Final epidemiology report into Avian influenza outbreak in Suffolk published

United Poultry Concerns Clarifies H5N2 Pathogenicity, Number of Turkeys Killed

Laguna pushes bird flue-free measures

Loss of avian flu-free status has cost £25million in lost exports

WHO dispenses new advice on treating bird flu

Shocking outcome of bird flu outbreak

Column: Bird flu found in North American birds

Couple charged with violation of bird flu precautions last year

Hungary farm ministry again denies link with UK bird flu outbreak

Anger at payout for bird flu cull

Red Cross spreads word on bird flu

UK bird 'flu outbreak: wild birds exonerated

Kuwaiti gov't denies illegal falcon trade as cause of bird flu outbreak

Final Suffolk bird flu report due

Research reveals ongoing evolution of bird flu in Europe

Burma wins praise for bird flu action