Sunday, May 4, 2008

WHO urges New Delhi to watch bird flu outbreak

Adelaide hospital to trial flu vaccine

Hospital opens anthrax and bird flu unit

Indonesia denies seeking payment for virus samples

Bird flu resurfaces in northeast India

South Korea checks soldier for bird flu infection

Soldier may have first human case of bird flu here

Roche sales slip after lower demand for Tamiflu

Human testing of Vietnamese H5N1 vaccine starts

Myanmar declared by world agency as bird-flu-free country

Official warns millions could be infected in bird flu pandemic

B2B H5N1 entrenches itself in southwest South Korea

Thousands of dead chickens at Ukraine poultry farm

New Vaccine May Give Long-term Defense Against Deadly Bird Flu And Its Variant Forms

Japan plans massive bird flu vaccine

How to protect women and children from bird flu

Sweden to lower bird flu alert level

W Bengal bird flu not yet contained: official

New bird flu vaccine could last longer, protect more