Saturday, November 24, 2007

Burma Detects New Outbreak of Bird Flu

Thousands of Ducks Killed After Bird Flu Found in South Korea

Hong Kong finds egret with bird flu in city park

Yemen testing dead poultry for H5N1 bird flu virus

Mecca welcoming pilgrims, but also with H5N1

Sinovac Provides Update in Pandemic Influenza Vaccines (H5N1) Phase II Clinical Trials

WHO fails to reach deal on sharing bird flu virus

Ghana: Gov't Urged to Expedite Action for the Establishment

Journalists schooled on reporting on Avian Influenza

Local falcons remain free from bird flu risk

S.Korea reports new low pathogenic bird flu case

Flu Medications Comparison

Global stockpile of H5N1 vaccines

Myanmar takes measure against new bird flu case

Myanmar takes measure against new bird flu case

South Korea confirms first bird flu outbreak in 8 months

Ban lifted outside bird flu restriction area