Friday, June 1, 2007

Novavax Pandemic Flu Vaccine Provided Protection Against a Lethal Challenge of Live Virus, Pre-Clinical Data Show

Fighting bird flu at the source

China shares bird flu sample, first time in year: WHO

No bird flu virus found in Azerbaijan

Super chook to fight bird flu

Bird flu hits new provinces in Vietnam

Girl dies of bird flu in Indonesia

Bird flu-hit localities in Vietnam rise to 14

Africa: Antibodies Provide Possible Bird Flu Treatment

Scottish universities to create £4.3M centre to tackle avian flu

Avian influenza few and to those months

Avian influenza avail perform youths se regimens

Hospital staff bird flu alert

Minister orders provinces to step up bird flu fight

Bird flu spreads among ducks in central Vietnam

Bird flu blood could hold key to new cure

Veterinarians at Higher Risk of Contracting Bird Flu

Study finds H5N1 immunisation

New mass spectrometer device to detect avian flu strains faster

H5N1 avian influenza: timeline of major events

Indonesia Announces 78th Death From H5N1 Virus

Bird Flu Spreads in Vietnam as Vigilance Wanes

How can IT respond to a flu pandemic?