Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thai man dies of severe pneumonia, not bird flu

No new case of bird flu in northern Thailand: official

Phichit death not due to bird-flu

The Bird-Flu - Is it the Coming Pandemic, or just a lot of Hype?

USDA lab confirms low-path H5N1 strain in Virginia turkeys

Roche receives US approval for Tamiflu in capsules of 30 mg and 45 mg

Variability of H5N1 Transmissibility And Presentation

WHO: Still Time to Prevent Bird Flu Pandemic

Bird Flu in Virginia is Not Spreading

Risk related to cock-fighting

Indonesian bird flu victim contracted virus indirectly

Liquidation of hotbed of bird flu in east Bohemia to take longer

Bird flu cull may be ‘too expensive’

Low-risk bird flu at Virgina turkey farm but not spreading: USDA

U.S. report card shows work ahead for bird flu plan

Fact Sheet: Implementation of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza

Ghana prepared to deal with Bird Flu

Siberian Birds Test Positive For H5N1 Antibodies