Saturday, June 30, 2007

Avian Flu Seen in Others Birds too

Battling Bird Flu

Potentially lethal H5N1 bird flu


UN finds progress in tackling bird flu

Bird Flu Risk Still Running High in Egypt, Indonesia, WHO Says

Wild bird culls may exacerbate avian flu problem

Hong Kong cracks down on bird flu, closes market

Tamiflu may offer the most cost-effective strategy to halve influenza pandemic death toll

Nigeria: Countries Making Progress in Response to Avian Influenza

Govt urged to step up preparations for bird flu outbreak

WHO confirms two of Vietnam's latest H5N1 cases

Southern Vietnam faces bird flu peril

Czech birds culled as avian flu found

Child in Tulungagung hospitalized with bird flu-like symptoms

Taiwan's WHO Membership as Necessary Response to the Rising Threat of Newly Infectious Diseases

Journal editor bemoans bird flu scare mongering

Study: Dogs Can Shed H5N1 Virus

Togo takes emergency action against Avian Flu outbreak