Sunday, February 3, 2008

Indian state says bird flu under control

Bird flu kills one in Pakistan

South Asia battles bird flu outbreak

Avian Influenza A Virus Infections of Humans

Bird Flu spreads to India's Uttar Pradesh state

Suspected bird flu in northern Turkey: report

West Bengal set to complete culling

Pakistan finds H5N1 bird flu on Karachi farm

Thailand confirms bird flu outbreak in new province

The Situation in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and Indonesia

Investigators say USDA needs to put bird flu plan to the test

Indonesian Chickens, and People, Hard Hit by Bird Flu

West Bengal bird flu yet to be controlled

Indonesia's H5N1 death toll rises to 102

Pakistan culls poultry stock as avian influenza hits Karachi

Avian Influenza update: Two further swans positive for H5N1

Bangladesh steps up vigilance as bird flu spreads

Health workers quarantined in Indian bird flu state

More swans test positive for H5N1 bird flu: officials

Bangladesh hit by bird flu outbreak

Drug-Resistant Flu Virus on the Rise

Researchers locate new target for treating flu