Friday, October 19, 2007

6 bird flu 'areas of concern' identified in Negros Occidental

Officials continues to monitor for bird flu strain

Vietnam reissues bird flu poultry breeding ban

Japan Institute of Infectious Diseases Publishes Article On Ampligen as Avian Flu Vaccine Immune Enhancer

Medicago announces technological milestone with production of self-assembled Influenza Virus-Like Particles in plants

US bird flu plans failing children, report says

Updated guidelines from WHO

WHO report explores patent issues concerning flu viruses

Bird Flu and the Anti-Viral Drug Tamiflu

Workshop on innate anti-viral immunity and virus evasion strategies

Bird flu still poses potential threat

Scientists map flu's chemical key

Africa: U.S. Announces Boost for FAO's Bird Flu Programme

US gives additional US$38 million to help UN fight bird flu

Bird flu expert to speak in Boston