Friday, May 2, 2008

Experimental U.S. bird flu vaccine uses cold virus

US calls for bird flu virus sharing

Australia may avoid deadly flu epidemic

S. Korea Extends Bird Flu Risk Level To Second Highest Nationwide

S.Korea upgrades alert as bird flu nears Seoul

Japan to vaccinate medical workers against bird flu

Egyptian 2-year-old boy infected with bird flu

Japan to vaccinate 6,000 health officials for potential bird flu outbreak

Indonesia critisized for unwillingness to share bird flu virus samples

Scientists create first successful libraries of avian flu virus antibodies

Bird flu causes Russian hunt ban

Indonesian leader meets US health official over bird flu

Indonesia says to launch bird flu pandemic plan

South Korea confirms latest deadly bird flu strain

Faster test reported for detecting fake tamiflu

Russia confirms bird flu outbreak

Bird flu virus may have mutated

France lowers bird flu risk level to "weak"

Egyptian woman dies of bird flu

Shutting down schools in the event of a bird flu pandemic could prevent up to one in seven cases

CSU researcher using clams to detect bird flu

Ukraine lifts ban on imports of poultry and poultry products from Great Britain

China approves its first human H5N1 vaccine

Health Canada Probes Relenza Side Effects

Guidelines Updated for Influenza Immunization in Children

Culling operation on in Tripura, WB to contain bird flu

Satellite technology helps combat bird flu in Asia

Innovative Biosensors Inc. and ATCC(R) Partner to Develop High-speed Test for Avian Flu

South Korea reports new bird flu outbreak

Bangladesh poultry a possible source of bird flu

Bird-flu outbreak reported from another Indian state

Faster Test Detects Fake Tamiflu Drugs

Bird-flu outbreak reported from another Indian state

19-year-old Egyptian dies of avian flu

Lee calls for efforts to stem spread of bird flu

Arbor Vita rapid H5N1 flu diagnostic presented at ICEID meeting

India, South Korea, China report H5N1 outbreaks

China Confirms December Case of Human to Human Bird Flu Transmission