Monday, March 26, 2007

Effect of antivirals on influenza in healthy adults

Asian nations, WHO meet over H5N1 sharing row (disagreements)

Canada: Food Shortages During A Pandemic

Girl recovered from influenza A virus (H9N2)

EGYPT: 27th human case of bird flu detected

Welsh Assembly confident with procedures to deal with avian influenza

Despite Government Efforts New Case of Avian Influenza in Egypt

Unicef: Children most vulnerable to bird flu

Bird Flu Health Scare In Newark: Continental Airlines Flight Evacuated

Bid to combat bird flu

Bangladesh says no human case of bird flu

Egypt: New human bird flu case detected, figure hits 27

Red alert sounded over bird flu scare

Indian Govt Asks States To Revamp Bird Flu Detection Systems

Poor countries square off with WHO over access to bird flu vaccine

Revamp bird flu detection systems, Centre tells states

No human transmission in baby's bird flu

Egypt reports one new human bird flu case

Bird flu alert in Tripura

Pigeon Racing Club Moves to Prevent Bird Flu Outbreak

Bird flu outbreak spreads in Bangladesh