Friday, March 14, 2008

Influenza H5N1 virus

Chickens at farm outside the capital tested for suspected bird flu

Vietnam to keep close surveillance on bird flu

Health agency urges cordoning bird flu in northern Vietnam park

Shuttlecock problem resolved

Bird flu hits two more Vietnamese provinces

No further outbreak of bird flu in West Bengal: Govt

Bird flu alert in Edinburgh

Baby in Hong Kong infected with H9N2 avian flu

Health Minister warns of new danger of H5N1 transmission

Fresh chicken deaths reported in Malda district

Flu epidemic sweeps over 12 cities and 3 regions in Russia

Bird Flu Kills Four Civets In Vietnam National Park

8 hospitalized in Indonesia for suspected bird flu

Demand for poultry meat in restaurants down in Indonesia for fears of bird flu

Local Media On Suspect Indonesian Cluster

Researcher Seeks to Ease Worries Over Flu Outbreak in Hong Kong

Synbiotics Corporation Announces Human Submission for FluDetect(R)

Hong Kong Schools Closed After Flu Outbreak