Friday, December 21, 2007

New swine flu virus supports 'mixing vessel' theory

Vietnamese stand behind vaccination

New outbreak of bird flu hits south Russia

Pakistan urges safer culling after bird flu outbreak

WHO team visits families of bird flu victims

WHO says Pakistan bird flu cluster no cause for alarm as yet

Amantadine-induced serotonin syndrome in a patient with renal failure

Cytokine storm issue poses another big H5N1 question

Pakistan says no threat of bird flu pandemic

Poland's H5N1 bird flu outbreak under control - agriculture minister

Pakistan's human bird flu cases rise to 8

FAO reports downturn in H5N1 outbreaks for 2007

USDA: New Swine Flu Has Avian Flu Genes

UK govt lifts remaining bird flu restrictions

Vietnam Bird Flu Preparations Boost General Disease Capacity

Spending bill cuts pandemic preparedness budget request