Monday, April 16, 2007

Dutch AI controls relaxed

Indonesia, US team to tackle bird flu

G&FC Checking Ducks for Avian Influenza

April 15 Flu Update

Bangladesh says bird flu spreads to more farms(two new farms)

Citizen Engagement in Emergency Planning for a Flu Pandemic

Nigeria: don't worry, be happy

Ready for an Epidemic?

Taiwan Looking To Mass-Produce New AI Vaccine

Hong Kong continues importing poultry from UK

Egypt spends $40mn to fight bird flu

No new case of bird flu - Committee

FAO team checks Bangladesh bird flu spread

“Bird Flu” Genome Study Shows New Strains

Bird Flu Booklet – “What You Need to Know” – is Available from United Poultry Concerns in PDF and Printed Formats

Raise awareness to fight bird flu

US, Indonesian scientists team up to tackle bird flu spread

Bird flu spreads across BD